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House with Freshly Landscaped Front Yard
Outdoor Environments Created By GreenScapes Landscapes
Sidewalk Steps with Beautiful Surrounding Landscaping
Neatly Landscaped Walkway
Sod Installation
House with Front Yard Landscaping

What Do Our Clients Say?

“This season, we moved our landscaping service to GreenScapes, and we couldn’t be happier! The crew has always been timely and gives great attention to detail. Our yard looks better now than in past years, and their pricing is fair and reasonable.”

– Jeff L., Monroe, GA
Client since Oct. 2015

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“I knew I always wanted a firepit and outdoor kitchen, but wasn’t sure where it could fit on our property. GreenScapes came out and we discussed my wants and needs. They went to the drawing board and absolutely blew me away with their creativity. I cant be happier with our new entertainment area. Sometimes I just go out and sit by the fire and take it all in, because its that amazing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

– Randy R., Bold Springs, GA

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“We’ve been using GreenScapes for the past three years, and our yard has never looked better! We truly appreciate the attention our property receives from the GreenScapes crew. Great job as always!!”

– John M., Loganville, GA

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“GreenScapes was a pleasure to work with. From an idea to a design, the team at GreenScapes worked with us to create a small piece of paradise on our property. From pool construction, hardscapes, and beautiful plantings, the project turned out fabulous. GreenScapes superseded my expectations! Thanks so much guys!!!”

– David and Nancy, Athens, GA

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“The guys at GreenScapes really know what they’re doing!!! They transformed my back yard from a muddy pit to an immaculate outdoor space. Now I look forward to coming home every day so I can spend time in my new back yard and listen to the sounds of my water feature.”

– John J., Covington, GA

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“I was not sure what to expect when GreenScapes started bulldozing my backyard. My wife wanted a pool and I wanted an outdoor kitchen with TV. GreenScapes meet with us, created a plan and budget for the project and off they went. Unbelievable!!! Boulders under water, planting up to the edge of the pool and my outdoor man cave. Perfect GreenScapes!!! Now please take good care of it.”

– Kevin and Nicki, Atlanta, GA

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“Thank you GreenScapes!!! We love your new landscape. The Outdoor Lights are my favorite!!!”

– Mike and Leigh Ann, Norcross, GA

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House with Freshly Landscaped Front Yard

Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn can be a source of pride, a place for your family to play, an oasis for relaxing — and you can make your lawn lush and beautiful with regular yard care. Don’t forget about your flowerbeds, they need attention too. GreenScapes can take care of it all in one simple swoop. Call us today to inquire!

Sidewalk Steps with Beautiful Surrounding Landscaping

Chemical Service

When it comes to your lawn, there’s no such thing as fashionably late. Get the most out of your efforts by giving your lawn what it needs, when it needs it. Keep your lawn fed and the weeds out with an annual lawn treatment. Our application schedule will keep your yard out of the weeds.

Sod Installation

Design & Install

The right landscape will increase curb appeal and home value, and turn your yard into a place for growing, relaxing and entertaining. Make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart landscape solutions. Our designs focus on both the master landscape plan and the specific plants within it.

Outdoor Environments Made By GreenScapes Landscapes

Outdoor Environments

If you’re looking to liven up your landscape, or create a tranquil retreat, consider adding patios, walkways, outdoor lighting, fire pits and other inviting environments for your family and guests to enjoy throughout the year. Whatever your dream, GreenScapes can build it!